If going to movie houses is one of your hobbies, then movie buffs like you will surely enjoy the cinemas of Cordoba. They air a variety of shows of different genres, from the local indies to Hollywood blockbusters.

The movie houses radiate an atmosphere of traditional ambience from whence they where time-honored workings of conventional theatre construction and were modified to become movie houses. Since modernization came, greater part of the movie theaters now exhibit huge projection screens and with digital surround sound to give movie buffs the thrill of watching the big screen. Watch a movie in Cordobas two famous movie houses; the Multicines El Arcangel which has Ten screen multicinema located in El Arcángel Shopping Centre and the Cinesur El Tablero which has fifteen screens in Centro de Ocio El Tablero.

Movie Listings

If you want to be always up-to-date with the latest movies, then keep up with the latest screenings through the local newspapers, you can see the schedules of the shows or any special movie screenings. Check out the move houses too if you have time, posters at the movie entrances  will showcase what’s showing, they also have updates of any changes and of course, the schedules from the first to the last full show.

 Cinema Schedules

Movie houses usually open at mall hours, between 9 a.m. or 10 p.m., if you want to be in the last full show then be in at 10-11 p.m. Usually, the movie houses have 4 screenings daily, but often times during Saturdays and Sundays, the time is extended. On the other hand, whenever there are special events, festivals or any other occasion, the movie houses tend to open and start early.

Ticket Prices

With a practical price of 6€, you can enter the movie house and enjoy watching the movies. Tickets can also plunge during holidays.

Where to Get Your Tickets

Getting a ticket from an automated ticket machine on your way to the movie houses are the easiest and most likely most common way to take a hold of your ticket.  If however, you don’t like to stand in line and want more suitable means to acquire a desired seat; then opt for a virtual ticket, available online or over the phone. Most of the movie houses are well into technology, they have a site on which you can purchase your ticket as easily and convenient as possible, but prices may vary and of course an added expense on your part.