Cordoba, being a city that is rich in culture, has a lot of festivals that are celebrated all the year round. From the religious festivals that have become tradition to Cordoba to the modern festivals that attract a multitude of tourists, these festivals are truly a thing to experience.

Religious and Traditional Festivals

The Carnival. Singers dress up in comparsas and parade the city’s streets then go to the Grand Theatre to showcase their talent in singing comic pieces. There is also a parade that can be participated by the public and it too is done throughout the city’s streets. This is celebrated annually on the second fortnight of the month of February.

Holy Week. This is observed annually and a venue where Christian’s can publicly pronounce their faith. Processions are done in the city’s streets and during this time the city is unusually solemn.

The May Crosses. Celebrated at the start of May, this festival includes the competition on the best flower-adorned crosses and also the Battle of the Flowers which is for the best flower decorated floats.

Modern Festivals

The White Night of Flamenco. This is celebrated for one whole night every June. Different artists like Jose Merce, El Pele, and Miguel Poveda perform at the different streets and squares throughout the city. It is considered as the largest Flamenco event in the world with 200,00 people attending just in the firs year.

Nights of Charm. Every July and August, Cordoba holds this festival which is a celebration of the rich culture of the city. All the nights of these two months are filled with theatre, music and dance performances as well as other artistic events.