If you are one of those health conscious individuals and can’t go on a day without exercise, you can still let your muscles do some decent workout in Cordoba. You don’t have to be worried in missing out on your routine because even when you are in Cordoba, you can still stay fit and trim. Cordoba offers a wide variety of gyms and health centers to suite your fitness needs. Burn some calories even when in vacation, let Cordoba help you stay fit.

Fitness Gyms

Exercise is a universal endeavor, even the Cordobans adhere to that. Fitness and health is a part of their lifestyle. The Universal Fitness Center located at Calle de Gema is one of Cordobas finest and modern gyms. It is a preferred place both by the locals and tourists themselves, from their amenities and equipment; it is a sure haven for a health buff such as yourself.

You won’t be disappointed by the fitness gyms of Cordoba for they are up-to-date and the equipment is well-taken care of. They have machines for your different exercise needs from light workouts to heavy exercise. They also have instructors that can help you more on you routines and fitness regimen like cardio exercises, muscle toning, aerobics and the like.

These gyms also go from cheap to expensive. For tourists who are just in for a few days, there are inexpensive gyms to choose from to suite your needs. Their services might be a bit cheaper but nonetheless, their facilities are still excellent and conducive to your exercise needs.

Fitness Centers in Hotels

If you want a more convenient stay and don’t have adequate time to explore for gyms, then best go for hotels that have fitness centers within their establishment. The Hotel Cordoba Center for one is a great example; aside from the excellent service, they have a fitness center, swimming pool, sauna and a solarium all under one roof. Also, the NH Amistad Cordoba has a small gym alongside it’s many other services and endeavors for their customers. This is a plus for tourists who don’t want to commute and want instant access to start exercising their muscles.

Yoga Classes

For yoga fanatics who are enrolled to yoga class at their home city, you have don’t have to miss out a class. Cordoba also has yoga centers and instructors to help you out with those poses. The instructors are proficient with english and can carry a class with ease no matter if you are new or not, a foreigner or local.

So when in Cordoba, there is no need to stress out. You can always find a gym which suits your needs so you can stretch out those muscles and do some workouts.