Spain is a country filled with arts and music. Wherever you turn, you can always hear a tune, a hum from the people around you or nod your head to the beat of Spain’s wonderful music. With its own uniqueness when it comes to their music and music industry, you’re in for a musical ride.

Cordoba is no less different from any of the countries of Spain, when it comes to the music scene; jump and groove to the beat of the Cordobans. From the canteens, bars, sidewalks, streets to its spectacular festivals; music is an essentiality with the Cordobans’ culture.

Cordoba has kept rich its own native tunes and heritage of folk music. Cordoba’s music has evolved all throughout the years from the different civilizations that have settled and contributed to their music and culture. This has given birth to Cordoba’s unique music traditional music.
One of the most unique and best known Cordoba music, is one from their six-stringed Cordoba guitar. With careful detail and craftsmanship, each guitar belts out a sweet rhythm and melody.

Other than that, Cordobans also love Flamenco. The tapping and jiving, swaying to the beat is what Cordobans enjoy the most. You get to witness live dances even in their bars, restaurants and theaters. Never miss this out when in Cordoba and enjoy the music scene. If however, you are not contented just sitting on the sidelines, you can enroll in a Flamenco dance class and perform. From the different Flamenco genres you can start out from the easiest and basic steps and progress your way to the more complicated moves. Dance schools offer mostly flamenco and latin dances. At the Academia Hispanica, you will learn more and love flamenco more than ever!

If you want to here some of Cordoba’s top in the contemporary music scene, best go to the stores and buy yourself a CD. You can find one at the malls and even in the centers, there are music stores which cater to Cordoba’s music scene; from contemporary, latin, acoustics and even native sounds. The Music Bodas at Calle Marruecos is one to go if you want to find instruments, if you are into music and style, then you can choose from a wide variety of musical instruments that suite your style.

With the different influences of music in the yester civilizations, plus new age music and worldwide influences; it is expected that Cordoba’s music is both traditional and contemporary but with the influences of foreign culture have grown and advanced yet still loved by both the locals and the tourists alike.