When in Cordoba, you wouldn’t want to miss out all the fun, day or night. During the day, you get to visit all the must see sights and photograph all the way. At night, it’s the time to unwind, socialize and just continue wit the fun, Cordoba style. Cordoba night outs are fun, colorful and just to put it simply, party till you drop.

There are a variety of bars, pubs and restaurants to choose from in Cordoba. You can choose from different locations, if you want it to be in the confines of the city where you can hop on bars and clubs. If you are more adventurous, there are also beach parties that you can go to. Then there are the classy bars that offer you fine dining, great wine selection, classical music; where you can just relax but still socialize with others.

They say, the real party starts at midnight. As most Cordobans tend to roam around the night, enjoying drinks and tapas, it is a golden opportunity for you to befriend them, it’s best to go out on weekends where there are day-offs  for the locals.

Here are a few of Cordoba’s best night out locations:

The Taberna Casa Salinas, is one of the oldest and established pubs in Cordoba. Located at Puerto de Almodóvar, this pub has an air of nostalgia for both locals and tourists alike. They offer glasses of sherrys, fresh tapas with spicy Andalusian sausages and buckets of olives for good measure. This pub has ran for a good four decades and still up and running. Sometimes, they stage flamenco shows and that’s something any tourist would want to see.

If you’re the type who wants to dance to the beat of independent music then you can go to Soul at Calle de Alfonso XIII, located near the city hall. Within the vicinity, there are also other clubs that you can go to such as Moloko (Alfaros 29) and la Communa (Calle Caño 1), they offer great food, great music and overall, you get to have a great night.


There is also Soho, located near the river of Calle San Fernando. They play modern and indie music too.

When you get to visit Cordoba during summertime, there is always a buzz around Vial Norte at El Brilliante. If you want to party till dawn then Chinales is the place to go. During summer,  it’s  the time where the bars and clubs get to be pretty crowded with all the after school parties, locals and tourists enjoying the food, drinks and social highlights brought about by the summertime heat.