You can never go wrong with dining in Cordoba, with their exotic and fresh food, spicy flavors and appealing taste and aroma which just fills your stomach and make you content without feeling guilty about your diet.

Savor the delicacies and scrumptious foods of the Cordobans and taste the grand flavors of Cordoba’s finest dishes. You can go to bars, restaurants and even simple cafeterias if you want to taste their local cuisine.

If you want a sunny luncheon with a pleasing atmosphere, then the Taberna Pepe de la Juderia is the perfect cozy place for you to dine out. It’s a delightful little café located at the old Jewish Quarter not far off Mezquita. The shops’ location at the corner of the sidewalk gives you a glimpse of the streets if you just want to observe the outside activity. The inside of the restaurant has that diner’s feel to it, complete with a Hall-of-Fame, photos and memorabilia of famous patrons lining it’s wall.

They pride themselves with great service, all smiles on customers and really prompt service whatever the weather. They offer the tastiest sandwiches with olives and Iberian Ham that just tingles your taste. They also have the favored Flamenquin, both loved by tourists and customers.
If you’re the one to follow the guidebooks of the best restaurants in Cordoba, then this one will surely appear in the list.

The Hotel and Restaurant Vellina at the back of Mezuita, offers you fine dining at it’s best. It has a classic interior owing to the fact that the building is 1600-years-old but with some renovation and refurbished walls and décor, the place is just grand. The place is decorated with huge wine barrels, tile work and wine storage. As always, with Cordoban hospitality, the service is outstanding but the menu is even of greater significance to the diners. The house specialty is Salmorejo, an cold gazpacho soup with sliced ham and hard-boiled egg and they arte always complimented for their great dessert selection.

If you want a comfortable place with a  great view, then the Rincon Bar is the perfect place for you. If you want a hearty meal or just a light snack, then opt for this bar. Rincon means “corner” in Spanish. It’s a lovely place but with just enough space, they have comfortable chairs and low tables with couch-type seats along the sides. From their extensive menu, you cant try out for their “Menu del Dia”, a complete meal set to satisfy your hunger. If you just want some snacks or a quick place to stop by for some refreshments, then of course, they offer tapas with beer in their menu.