Whether you are a shopaholic, window shopper or hunting for bargains and memorabilia, then get ready for the Cordoba shopping spree.

Cordoba is a good shopping city for a spending spree, from cheap buys to posh signature items. At the suburban area of downtown Cordoba is the home of the shopping malls. The most active shopping district is at the Mercado Norte, here you will find bargain prices and cheaper goods.

There are also modern shopping malls which are huge and in fact offer you all the varieties of what you would which to find.

The Patio Olmos and Garden Shopping found at the center. The Dinosaurio Mall and Cordoba Shopping located at the northwest and the Nuevo Centro Shopping found westward. Here you will find all sorts of stuff from souvenirs, clothes, jewelry, bags; branded or not; you’ll find it here. You can roam around the malls for endless hours and always find something interesting that you would wish to buy.

If you’re the sophisticated type, there are boutiques that sell designer items from both local and international designers. For those who are more casual then there are shops also to fit your budget without compromising your style.

Here are some helpful Spanish words for shoppers: “liquidacion,” “traspaso,” and “rebajas”, simply means that they are on sale so watch out for these words on the store windows and glasses.

Local arts and crafts are also made available and sold to the public at Paseo de Las Artes, recommended during Saturdays and Sundays. If you’re the one who appreciates the value of art and crafts, then the place to go is the Parque las Heras, especially on the weekends.

You will see here hand crafted accessories, decorations, vases and paintings; they make great souvenir items and are unique.

At Guemes District, you can do your food shopping for local delicacies like alfajores, sweet hams, honey and of course, tapas. That’s if you want to bring home some of Cordoba’s best foods or if you want to try and cook a delicacy yourself.

There are other shops and malls located at the city square and also the pedestrian malls even after 8 PM. Night markets and shopping is also made available, the prices are much cheaper and you can even bargain for the items that you wish to buy. This is especially true on weekends where the streets are oiled with shoppers going on a spree.