Cordoba is not only a city for the culturally inclined and the history buffs. It is also a place for sports enthusiasts. One of the most popular sports in the city is bullfighting. Other sports like golf and horseback riding are also widely popular all throughout the city.


Proof of the people of Cordoba’s love for bullfighting is the Bullfight Museum. It includes tributes to the four of the greatest bullfighters in Spain: Rafael Gonzalez also known as Machaquito, Rafael Guerra known as Guerrita, Rafael Molina known as Lagarjito, and Manuel Rodriguez also known as Manolete.

Bullfighting season in Cordoba starts in May although bullfights also happen in the bullring throughout the entire year. These bullfights are a thing to witness if you are in the city of Cordoba. It will be an experience like no other.

Golf, Horseback Riding and Other Sports

The Club de Campo de Cordoba is the place to be to play golf. As you play in the 18 holed course you can also enjoy the magnificent view of the Sierra Morena mountain ranges. The trails along this mountain range are a spot for another sport that is popular in Cordoba, horse back riding. You can also visit Cordoba’s El Mirador Riding Center which can offer you riding tours on their horses or their ponies.

Club de Campo de Cordoba