Top Attractions

Cordoba holds a lot of history, when you go on a site seeing tour on Cordoba’s top tourist spots, be captivated by its wonderful sceneries, great views and historical landmarks. Your Cordoba vacation would never be complete without a tour on Cordoba’s finest sites.

Mezquita / Cordoba Cathedral

Go down on a spiritual journey on Cordoba’s grandest and most beautiful mosque. The Mezquita was constructed by the late Moors during their occupation on Cordoba. You can easily find it for it is located upright at the heart of the city. Don’t be confused with the name; the Cordoba Cathedral is also a mosque. It was said so that after the Christians chased the Moors off the city, they were awestruck by the mosque’s elegance that they were reluctant to tear it down. So instead of destroying it, they built a cathedral within its walls.

Alcazár de los Reyes Cristianos

Christopher Columbus himself walked the gardens of this fine vicinity. It was here that he requested the funds for his voyage all over the world. The gardens of Alcazar serve as a memorabilia of this fine event. The building founded now were formerly where the Inquisition dwell. In the present time, it hosts Cordoba’s finest mosaic collection.


Cordoba has a lot of spiritual quarters from the past history that is preserved until today. When you walk the length of the streets where the old Jewish quarters lie, it is where you will see a few of the remaining synagogues of Spain. Only three stand in the present and Cordoba is proud to own it.

Plaza del Potro

The old square of Cordoba is a special place, even now, it is still a preferred place to hang out and socialize. It is a pleasant place for afternoon strolls or even just for drinking coffee.

Plaza de la Corredera

The ayuntamiento or the present town square is busy and always teeming with life. It has undergone a couple of reconstructions and now it hold a Roman ampitheatre, a bullring for those who want to witness an actual bullfight and it is also the Time Square of Cordoba where people flock to celebrate important fiestas and occasions. It is also where they countdown the seconds to New Year. Amongst its quaint architecture it is also a shopping and bazaar site where you can make great deals and find souvenirs for your Cordoba expedition.