Holidays in Cordoba

Your holiday trip to Cordoba, Spain will truly be one like no other. The city being packed with a very rich history and culture, offers every tourist a rich travel experience.

Historical Monuments

Perhaps the most famous attraction in Cordoba is the Mezquita. It is the third largest mosque in the entire world. It was at one point a place for worship for Muslims and at another point serve as a place for worship for Christians. Aside from the religious marvel that it is, it also draws tourist due to its architectural marvel.

The Synagogue is another monument in Cordoba that you shouldn’t miss. It is among the three best preserved synagogues in Spain. After being used for religious purposes, it functioned as many other things. It was once a hospital and also became a school. Now it is considered as a National Monument.


Aside from religious and traditional festivals like the Carnival, Holy Week celebration and the May Crosses which you also shouldn’t miss, there are a other festivals in Cordoba that you should also check out.

The Nights of Charm in Cordoba is held every July and August. It is packed with dance, music and theatre festivals. Flamenco nights and cinematic shows are also available for this two month celebration.

Also during the month of July, the annual Guitar Festival is celebrated. It is one of the most anticipated summer events in Cordoba. Two areas are covered during this whole month and that is the Training Programme in which musical courses and guitar making courses are available, and the Programme of Major Concerts and Shows in which different performances are showcased in different venues of the city.