Weekend in Cordoba

Although not as cosmopolitan and as vigorous as bigger Spanish cities like Barcelona and Madrid, tourists will find that a weekend in Cordoba will be filled with a lot of learning and memorable experience.

Once the Islamic empire’s cultural, political, and intellectual capital, Moorish influence is still apparent in many of Cordoba’s plazas and patios. If you want to explore the heart of the city’s history though, then Juderia should be one of your Cordoba destinations. The original Jewish quarter has been declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site. It will also meet all your cultural, gastronomic, and sleeping needs in the city.

The Best Weekend to Visit

Since you only have the weekend to visit Cordoba, it is best to set it during the time where tourists are few and the weather is good. You may want to avoid visiting the city during summer. Aside from getting squeezed by throngs of tourists, you would not want to risk passing out in the city’s 40C heat.

What to Do

Having a limited time to explore the city, it is important to include in your itinerary the best sights and highlights of Cordoba. Surely, you wouldn’t want to spend your weekend in Cordoba exploring the facilities and amenities in your hotel or spend the day sleeping and reading magazines.

Make sure you do not miss to include Mezquita in your to-visit spots. Third of the world’s largest mosques, the structure took two centuries to be completed. Dominating Juderia, Mezquita is a monumental architecture. With a Renaissance cathedral within its walls, tourists will be in awe – and probably startled – with the contrast of two religious styles in one roof.

When you’re done exploring the architectural beauty, go make a stop at the Plaza del Potro. With historic structures, such as the 15th century inn Posada del Potro and Museo de Bellas Artes, the place will be a good venue to take a pause in the afternoon.

At night, never miss an evening of flamenco presentation in the city. Being Cordoba’s heart of cultural repertoire, your stay in the city will be incomplete without catching this entertaining presentation.

What to Eat

When you are in a new place, the local food is something to look forward to. In Cordoba, tapas should be on top of your “food list”. Try the original recipe or enjoy its variations. Have it on your breakfast or lunch, and you sure will get a real Cordoba meal!

Weekends may just be not enough to fully explore and experience Cordoba, but making sure that you make the most out of it, then you would have no problem enjoying your short stay.